O3  Let me be part of the team


"Let me be part of the team " is an evaluation tool for pupils with special needs to assess their own learning situation.

Experience in CH (Schulische Standortgespräche and Strukturiertes Abklärungsverfahrenm, both to-down strategies from the federal department of Education to use ICF in the school context) highlighted the added value of including the pupils themselves within planning and/or evaluation processes.

Tools and methodological approaches from CH (e.g. resource and individual goal based planning ("What do I want to learn as a child in this year) will be transferred into other national schooling systems (taking into account national specificities of school curricula.

This tool is primarily addressed to teachers (as they will use them with the pupils) and as they have to be trained "how to use them".

 This tool consists mainly of d-category (WHO "participation-oriented" items within the 9 areas of life domain (d1 learning, d2 applying knowledge, d3 communication, d4 mobility, d5 self-help, d6 domestic life, d7 interactions, d8 relevant life-areas and d9 citizenship.

 To increase usability diverse items of these d-categories will be summarized (following the example of Hollenweger/Lienhard in CH) to enable own assessment processes for pupils 6+ years.

 To enable assessments (to which extent a child thinks that he/she needs help in above mentioned d-categories and where he/she has strengths) the WHO qualifiers (0= no problem, .1=slight problem, .3 =moderate problem etc. will be transferred into "smilieys".

The use of WHO qualifier also facilitates comparability towards teacher/parents assessment and/or psychological assessments (see O4).

 The potential of this tool lies again in the a) reference to comparable ICF-areas and to comparable assessments of school staff and parents. By means of involving also the pupil into assessment processes full participation of all relevant actors (teacher, parents, pupil,..) is guaranteed.


O3 will be available April 2020.



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